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Our Mission 

We help restaurants, bakeries and businesses in the food sector to make the most out of their data. At the same time, we advance process optimization and automation in the digital sphere – with a tool that offers it all in one place.

In this sense, we support businesses in becoming more efficient, saving resources and making more time for the essential. 

Our Story 

It all started with a sold-out veggie menu in the canteen – leading our founder to wonder why forecasts were made for weather and electricity, but not for the number of guests in the gastronomy sector. Restaurants could produce exactly as many menus as they need and reduce food waste; as well as optimizing staff planning to avoid waiting times for guests and unnecessarily high labor costs.

The idea of Prognolite, a forecasting tool for the restaurant industry, was born. Together with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), a sophisticated, self-learning algorithm was then developed. Based on POS data and various factors such as weather, holidays and trends, this algorithm predicts sales – and how restaurants can optimize staff planning and production accordingly.

Through countless conversations with experts and restaurateurs from the industry over the years, we realized that there is a great need for broader support in the digital sphere. So we iteratively developed our tool with additional functions (and still do). This is how our AI planning tool came into being, which now supports not only restaurants, but also companies in the entire food sector in their planning.

Our Team

Roman Lickel
Boss & Emperor of Tech-Land
Nico Schefer
Head of Customer Wow
Jennifer Kraus
Head of Handshakes
Jonathan Gerber
Data Alchemist
Aurelia Stirnimann
Manager of Words
Stefanie Händel
Manager of Best Features
Fitim Sijarina
Manager of Code
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Data Science Alchemist

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