Data Science/ML Ops Alchemist (Remote Project Work)

4 Monaten ago

Data Science/ML Ops Alchemist (Remote Project Work)

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Website Prognolite AG

We from Prognolite help restaurants boost their performance through data analysis and AI-forecast

We’re looking for a data scientist interested in time-series forecasting and contributing to the corresponding automation/evaluation/training/fitting automation. We dare to call it ‘full stack’. 

Prognolite – a Swiss startup, helps restaurants to reduce food waste and improve staff planning via multi-variate time-series forecasting. Our statistical and machine learning algorithms learn from sales, weather, vacation, events, holidays, etc. Our data is sparse and noisy. The maxim is: High accuracy is not enough, we aim to understand the phenomena. 

We are currently expanding our data sources and are integrating more systems using several open and closed APIs. In addition, we are adapting our Data Science infrastructure to be more automated and flexible, using tools like MLFlow, Airflow, Kafka and traditional CI/CD tooling. 


  • Build modular R or Python packages, documented and tested. Those will be used as tooling in our workflows. 
  • Source new data, analyze, understand patterns and relationships with existing data sources. 
  • Experiment with modelling techniques. We prefer interpretable approaches. 
  • Build/incorporate model monitoring/evaluation/execution tooling. 
  • Build flexible/modular and automated forecast modelling workflows, predominantly in R (Tidymodels framework), but also in Python (if the tasks calls for it, also Julia). 


  • Strong proficiency with both R and Python. Knowledge of Julia and probabilistic programming (Stan, Turing.jl, TF Probability), PHP is a plus. 
  • Knows how package building, automated documentation and integration/unit testing works in R and Python. 
  • Is used to work in Unix-like systems. Shell (bash) scripting. Work on servers. 
  • Good spoken and written English skills, (Swiss)German is a plus. 
  • Experience with Git and SQL. Docker, Jenkins and Ansible is a plus. 
  • Proficient in statistical programming (bayesian and frequentist) and machine learning. 
  • Is kind, owns their code, is responsible. Respects the science. 
  • Knows how/when to say “I don’t know”, “I need help”, “There is a better way”. 
  • We don’t care about your degrees, gender, age or any other, similar descriptors. We DO care about results, to see your code and hear your thoughts about how you plan to go about the challenges. 

What we offer: 

  • Work in a startup, which is just about to scale up 
  • Work in a small team, no big corpo politics 
  • Hard, interesting problems 
  • Flexible work hours 
  • Flexible workplace 


Contact: Marco Wirthlin, 

To apply for this job please visit .