For the Adventure & Leisure Gastronomy

With Prognolite, you are able to keep track of all gastro outlets and make decisions across locations.

For the Adventure & Leisure Gastronomy

In addition to managing the main attractions, keeping control of the numerous food service outlets is a Herculean task, no matter if you are in charge of a zoo, water or amusement park.

Prognolites analytics help you evaluate the most relevant data from the POS and staff planning system. Our tools SuccessShark & FactFox are specialized in process & planning optimization. One click enables you to sum up all relevant sales & prime costs on a holding level as well as to break them down to the smallest departments.

In addition to the consolidation of all important key figures on one platform, the planning reliability is massively increased by sales, article & shift forecasts.

Prognolite makes the past visible and the future plannable.

Do it like the biggest seasonal amusement park of the world!

The Europa-Park is the largest seasonal theme park of the world and attracts nearly six million visitors each year.

Prognolite helps the Europa-Park to monitor its gastronomy outlets and increase their performance through measuring KPIs and show where they can save money through intelligent staff planning.

Measure across outlets

Information from various outlets is automatically combined in one place. The performance of several locations can thus be compared at a glance.

Data-based decision making

Gut feeling is supported with data and AI forecasts. Comparing the right metrics and influencing factors across sites enables the identification of improvement potential.

Industry Best Practices

We constantly scour the market for the latest trends and most efficient methods. This knowledge feeds into our tool so that our customers benefit directly from it.

Insights always & everywhere

Managers can see on their cell phones at any time what is happening in their store yesterday, tomorrow and right now - making planning immensely easier.

Reduce Office hours

Manual transfers and paperwork are a thing of the past: costs, orders and much more are automatically imported from the cash register, automating time-consuming processes.

Overview at all levels

Not only unite all your gastro outlets in one tool, but see exactly your sales and costs on department level.

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