Fully customizable Dashboard, that shows you what products boost your sales and how to get more profitable.

Fully customizable dashboard

Thanks to visualized charts, data is brought to life – and offers deep insights which are otherwise lost in tools and spreadsheets. Because every business has its own needs, analytics are fully customizable. This way, you only see what is actually important to you.

Possible Analysis - fully customizable

  • Turnover & sales figures
    Sales development, outliers, slumps
  • Staffing & Performance
    Working hours, additional sales per employee
  • Product evaluations
    Which products are bought together and how often
  • Rankings (across locations)
    Periods / Locations / Employees / Products
  • Comparisons (across sites)
    Periods / Employees / Products
  • Sales increase & cost savings
  • Break Even Point
    From when the business is profitable or
    how much revenue is still missing
  • Reservations & cancellation rates
    No-shows, guest behavior,
    Turnover per reservation


Our sophisticated algorithm accurately predicts sales – taking into account various factors, such as weather or trends. This helps to schedule employees based on the actual demand and to produce the right amount of food, which reduces food waste as well as sell-outs.


Very little. After signing the offer, you or your managers fill in a short questionnaire about the company and your individual needs. Your IT manager installs the data uploader, which takes about 15min. If the integration to the POS system is in place, our tools will be ready for use on your devices in less than two weeks.

Yes, businesses with 5 or more locations already get discounts on their packages. We are happy to make you an individual contract, just get in touch with us.

Of course. Our in-house customer support team provides assistance for any kind of issues – during the entire duration of your subscription.

Then we integrate it, no problem. POS providers are generally very interested in offering various interfaces to different tools – so, green light for the integration of your system.

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