The facts: Vast amounts of food waste in the restaurant industry

265’000 tons per year1

of avoidable food waste is being produced in the restaurant industry in Switzerland 

This is equivalent to the weight of 600 big aircrafts (A380)

The different types of food waste


→ avoidable


→ avoidable

food preparation

→ unavoidable

Avoidable food waste per meal2


This information corresponds to the current state of knowledge.

Claudio Beretta, food waste-expert
environmental scientist ETH

food waste is responsible for the emission of big amounts of CO2. Every kg of food waste causes 3.3 kg of CO2

Manuel Klarmann, CO2-expert, founder of Eaternity


     How can you reduce food waste with the Prognolite app?


    Overproduction is the biggest reason for food waste and occurs cause of the difficulty to estimate the exact demand of food by hand. Thanks to

    automated forecasts

    overproduction can be reduced by up to 70%, which is equivalent to 30 gramms per meal. A restaurant with a turnover of CHF  2 million and about 70,000 served meals per year can reduce food waste by 2,200 kg per year. This corresponds to 7.3 tons of CO2 per year 3.

    With the help of different influencing factors like weather, holidays, vacation time, events and POS-data (cash register), the Prognolite app generates forecasts for the demand of specific product goups. Thanks to this information the right amount of food can be purchased and prepared. 


    The prognolite app shows the future demand of the next two weeks split up into product groups. 

    Thanks to the Prognolite App, food waste can be saved without any higher expenditure of time.

    Simon Michel, Co-Founder von Prognolite GmbH

    Reduce food waste and money at once


    By reducing up to 2,200 kg of foodwaste, restaurants can save up to

    CHF 36'000 per year4

    1 Beretta, C., Stoessel, F., Baier, U. Hellweg, S. (2013): Quantifying food losses and the potential for reduction in Switzerland. Waste Management, Vol. 33, No. 3, S. 764-773.
    2 SV Group (2011): Umweltbericht 2011.
    3 Average turnover per guest ca. CHF 28 (Gastrosuisse), 30 gramm savings per meal, 2'000'000/28 * 0.03 = ca. 2,200 kg
    4 Average weight of a meal of 500 gramm, 30 gramm savings per meal, food costs of 30% of the turnover=> 2'000'000 * 0.3*(30/500) = CHF 36'000