Organize your cash register system

Organize your cash register system

April 25, 2022

A messy POS system not only eats up valuable service time and annoys employees, but can also directly reduce sales.


For example, two keys that carry the same product under different names may show different amounts after price adjustments, directly reducing sales. Time-suckers, on the other hand, are mainly products that have not been neatly categorized. For example, the “Coupe Romanoff” can hide in the cocktails & the button “with cream” can only be found after three folders have been searched. Describing all the possible effects of a messy POS system would definitely go beyond the scope, but there are simple measures to avoid the biggest money guzzlers.

6 easy steps to a better organized POS system

  1. Always start with the brand name, followed by the variety and size. E.g. Coca-Cola Light 5dl
  2. Always make sure that the product in question is assigned to the correct category. E.g. Coca-Cola Light 5dl, Category: Soft or Sweet Drinks/Mineral
  3. Categorize products as accurately as possible to facilitate evaluations. E.g. Coca-Cola Light 5dl, categorization: Mineral -> Cold Drinks -> Beverage
  4. Make sure that tips are not included in the turnover and are zeroed out.
  5. Make sure that, if possible, no manually typed messages are sent to the kitchen via the comment function
  6. NEVER overwrite a product or you won’t be able to track how sales have changed over the years. Last game season’s duck may well be this game season’s duck again, but never make the duck the deer or vice versa.

Prognolite helps you to set up your cash register

Because Prognolite has specialized in evaluating POS system for 6 years, we can see at a glance where there is room for improvement. With our standardized product description, we help you clean up your POS system. Prognolite Gastro Consulting is happy to assist you in this process.

Are you thinking about a new POS system?

Let it be briefly said: A change brings advantages & disadvantages with it. On the one hand, this step makes it possible to get rid of old burdens from the previous POS system and to set up the new one cleanly from the start. On the other hand, however, a lot of important information is lost, which makes it easier to plan the current daily turnover. Also when designing the next menu, before the change you could usually briefly look back at the sales figures of the last game season to put the bestsellers back on the menu.

Prognolite can also help you here, because by using our system, all the information will remain with you even after the change.

PS: We know POS systems and can guide you as an independent consultant through the jungle of providers.

Find out more about Prognolite Gastro Consulting HERE


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