For Gastronomy Businesses

We help businesses to get more out of their data and to increase performance. 


For Restaurant Managers

Restaurant managers can keep an eye on the most important evaluations, optimize their staff planning and improve their profit margins.

Optimize staff planning

Compare staff costs to sales. AI forecasts also help schedule employees based on actual demand, which is optimizing costs.

Reduce office hours

Manual entries of turnover and costs belong to the past: they are automatically imported from the POS system, automating time-consuming processes.

Information always & everywhere

On their mobile phones, managers see what happens in their outlet yesterday, tomorrow and right now - which makes planning a whole lot easier.

Measure success across locations

All relevant information from various outlets is automatically combined in one place. The performance of multiple locations can thus be evaluated and compared at a glance.

Data-based decisions

Gut feeling gets supported by tangible data and AI forecasts. Comparing the right metrics and influencing factors across locations enables you to identify potential for improvement.

Industry best practices combined

We constantly evaluate the hospitality market for the latest trends and most efficient methods. We incorporate this knowledge into our tool so that our customers benefit directly from it.


Thanks to sales forecasts, planning for production and routes can be done earlier and more accurately. This saves time, optimizes delivery routes and saves resources. In addition, orders are visible for several days in advance.

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