Prognolite Gastro Consulting

Prognolite is your partner for the digitalization and optimization of your catering and hotel business. We advise you on which digital solutions will make your daily work easier and how you can connect the numerous systems used, from standalone solutions to completely networked system headquarters. We put the resulting data into the right context for you and help you to sustainably increase the profitability of your business.

Profitability & performance increase

We identify optimization potential through detailed analysis of the status quo. Based on this, a so-called discussion paper is prepared, which contains the findings & initial suggestions for improvement.

Together, we then define the concrete measures & goals.
Prognolite uses this information to define a step-by-step project plan for implementation.

In addition to several milestones, the project plan also contains concrete recommendations for action with the expected turnover increase or savings potential.

System selection, process optimization & digitization

Prognolite supports the transformation from analog workflows to digital processes. 

The right choice of system and how these can communicate with each other is crucial. We are there to advise you so that in the future you have the optimal tools in use, from the POS system to staff planning and order processes.

Prognolite takes care of the project outlining, the fast and high-quality implementation of the technologies and the sustainable service.

Data cleansing, automation & artificial intelligence

The trend is moving further and further in the direction of sales turnover and menu forecasting, in order to enable needs-based planning by the plant managers.

However, in order to make accurate forecasts, the data basis must first be correct.

We develop an AI and Data Science strategy based on the existing restaurant data, its quality and composition as well as the business goals.

Prognolite advises you on what is possible and what makes sense.

Our Maxime

Agility leads to success

At each stage, return to the analysis of the status quo
Constant monitoring

Guarantee that the direction taken is the most promising one
The team must be involved all the time

Change is never easy, but getting the team involved makes it a lot easier.

The Prognolite Digitalization Experts

Roman Lickel

Expert for web applications, interfaces & integrations

What Roman can do for you:

-Data processing and unification
-System Integrationen & AP

Nico Schefer

Expert for process optimization & digitization strategy

Whar Nico can do for you:

-Process Optimization through Best Practice
-Short & logterm Digitalization strategy
-Product-, Hardware- & Software Consulting
-Workshops & Exchange Groups

Huriel Reichel

Expert for data, automation and artificial intelligence

What Huriel can do for you:

-Data Science & AI Strategy
-Automated and reproducible analyses
-Custom Dashboards
-Identification of patterns & backgrounds

Our satisfied clients

Through many years of experience and the right intuition, we have already been able to accompany and support several customers on their way to digitization. Because often the challenge is not to buy a tool, but to find out which system, system landscape or strategy is the right one for a company. Prognolite helps you to make your company more profitable.

Optimization of staff costs

Elaborate automatic testing of the planning quality based on the permanent employee capacity to a sustainable optimization of staff costs. Due to the structural changes by Prognolite, 21% of staff costs could be saved.

Consulting cash & staff planning system

Needs analysis of the required functional scope and consulting on the selection of systems. Implementation of a cross-system communication concept and networking of data to automate daily reporting.

Optimization purchase & production quantity

Analysis of data quality and automation of the planning process. Reduction of the planning & ordering process from 3 weeks/quarter to 3 days and reduction of foodwaste & CO2 emissions across the supply chain by 6.3t/year.

Make your company fit for the future with Prognolite.

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